Swens Contracting Ltd

The Best Park Operator On the Sunshine Coast...

Swens Contracting Ltd. acts as Park Operator
for the Sunshine Coast of BC Parks.
This area stretches along the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.
Swens Contracting started as a small business
and was founded in 1986, by Johan P.E Swens, an entrepreneur
with a passion for the great outdoors.

Our goal is to provide the best park experience
for our local community and visitors.
Our key values are within upholding high standards of park
maintenance, park preservation, and community engagement.
This is to ensure the natural beauty of these BC Provincial Parks
can be enjoyed for many future generations.
Johan P.E Swens, Founder of Swens Contracting
Johan P.E Swens

We Take Pride In Our Services

Here is what others have to say...
       We have camped there since 1989.  Obviously we enjoy this park because of the following:  the washrooms are clean almost spotless; the sites are free from litter; apart from bear sighting warnings it is always safe to walk around the park.  The staff there are very courteous and friendly.
          I would recommend this to families with children – my own granddaughter was there each summer while she was still in B.C.  Even now she talks fondly of her camping days there.
       I feel I got more than my money’s worth. What amazing people you have working for you.
      I can honestly say that the crew that have maintained the Porpoise Bay Campground have been excepetional.